biography 1949-1997

Since 1986 Günter Blum, native of Mannheim, Germany, known for his high-art photography as the master of light, named with other ikones of photographers such as Helmut Newton in same context, had dedicated himself to nude photography. In this classically male domain with a long tradition, the German developed an unmistakable style and mostly took pictures of female nudes inspired by the Film Noir or by Metropolis from Fritz Lang.

His favourite model became his muse and wife in 1995. Blum worked exclusivley in black & white photography, which tends to highlight the essentials without distracting from the actual object. The female forms are presented in carefully worked out poses with expressive body language and obsessive coreographed light. Settings and props were especially created and build for the pictures that were exclusivley taken inside studios. His work reflects a strong utopia of beauty. Female nudes are characterized by wellformed curves, whereas male reveal athletic bodies.

His work was published in magazines such as Stern, Spiegel, Focus, GQ, Mens Vogue, Photographie, Max, Die Welt, FAZ, Color Foto, Profi Foto, Fotomagazin, Photo, Playboy, Elle, Cosmopolitain and many more.

Günter Blum studied graphic design. In the early seventies he worked as a freelance painter and illustrator for magazines, music labels and publishing houses. He lived in Hamburg and Paris. Later on he taught at the tertiary technical school for creative arts. In 1989 he turned to photography.

1997 Günter Blum succumbs to a serious illness at the age of 48. The prices of his orignial prints went shortly after he passed away extremely high.

Monographs and Books

1993     Günter Blum “Akt”, 1. Edition, Edition Braus, Germany
1993     Günter Blum “Photographs”, Treville Edition Tokyo, Japan
1994     Günter Blum “Akt” 2. Edition Edition Braus, Germany
1997     Günter Blum “Venus” Edition Braus Germany
1998     Günter Blum “Naked Steel” EPS Edition London, U.K.
1998     Günter Blum “Erotisches Tagebuch” Edition Braus, Germany
1998     Günter Blum “Akt” Umschaverlag Frankfurt, Germany
1999     Günter Blum “Fotografia” Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso, Italy
2002     Günter Blum “Unpublished” Edition 6x6.com, Germany
2002     Günter Blum “Unpublished” PowerHouse New York, USA

Selected Collections

  • Erotic Art Museum/ Cologne
  • Erotic Art Museum Hamburg
  • Galerie Hubertus Reygers Munich
  • Camera Work Berlin
  • Clemens Vedder Cologne, Miami
  • Uwe Scheid Cologne/Museum Ludwig
  • Van Thyssen Munich
  • Museum of Modern Art New York
  • Bodo Niemann Berlin
  • Museum for Fotografie Upswede Belgium

               gŁnter blum (1949-1997) is one of the renown erotic art photographers in the world